MAGACBD - 1000mg - Watermelon

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 Product Overview:

  • 30ml – 1000mg CBD, >= 34mg/ml
  • Made with premium quality broad-spectrum CBD Distillate
  • THC-Free
  • Revolutionary CBD oil and water suspension
  • NASA 3D Stem Cells and  CBD-O3 technology
  • Superior flavor with slightly thicker consistency for increased bioavailability


Product Description:

What could be more American than the MAGA CBD premium tincture? Prepare to see the difference, feel the difference and taste the difference of our revolutionary CBD product like no other. Our premium, Watermelon flavored oil and water suspension leverages NASA 3D Stem Cells and CBD-O3 patented technology for maximum bio-availability and quality. Our CBD is 100% free of THC; meaning it's safe for the workplace, unlike many other CBD products.

MAGA CBD is made 100% in the USA with purchases supporting veteran and first responder charities that are verified to work for the benefit of the people that matter most. What CBD product on the market could be more American – MAGA…NASA…Red, White, and Blue.  It’s America at its finest! For your CBD needs, look no further than MAGA CBD!


Third-party lab tested:

In our effort to provide the purest, most effective products on the market, MAGA CBD provides third-party testing results from industry-leading experts.

Certificate of Analysis (COA) Information:

Batch: BLU-00207