Why is MAGA CBD better than other CBD brands?

We have received many questions surrounding how MAGA CBD is different from other brands. For a detailed FAQ on MAGA CBD take a deep dive with our product formulator by clicking here. 

More broadly, our main differentiators lie in quality and technology:

  • MAGA CBD is proudly manufactured, cultivated and grown in the USA
  • We have NASA patented technology to enhance CBD delivery and infuse our CBD with plant-based stem cells for benefits from within
  • We use proprietary aqueous suspension for delivery versus a typical oil suspension to get the benefits of both water soluble compounds and oil soluble compounds
  • MAGA CBD has higher bioavailability courtesy of our NASA-patented technology (read more below)
  • Our formulation team has 20+ years in product formulation developing cutting edge products in the health and beauty sector vs. many other CBD companies that are not formulators or experts in this field.
  • We don't bottle white-label CBD products that are in some cases imported from China or other countries or are produced by questionable manufacturers. Our CBD was custom formulated by our team, in America, to be the best CBD on the market

NASA Three-dimensional Stem Cell Technology

Providing superior products starts with superior technology.  When we began our research to find the most groundbreaking technology for the health and benefit of our fellow Americans we turned to NASA and their 3D bioreactor.  We are creating a paradigm shift in the world of Stem Cells using exclusive, multi-patented technology that is so advanced that in other products it is already helping in the wound and burn care of astronauts. This platform generates 3-Dimensional Stem Cells in a zero-gravity bioreactor, mimicking 3-Dimensional Stem Cells grown in the body. This technology is so advanced, it has been inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame.  A new technology that is literally, out of this world.



Stem Cells naturally produced by our body are rich in Growth Factors, Cytokines and other vital nutrients.  Peer-reviewed research has established that stem cells encourage production of Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid, creating a paradigm shift in how therapeutic benefits of stem cells are used.


While the use of stem cells has existed for decades, most applications have yet to achieve significant clinical success.  Things are changing and we are on the cutting edge of stem cell technology.  The challenge is that not all stem cells are created equally. Our body naturally produces 3-Dimensional Stem Cells, while those cultured in a lab are subject to various mechanical influences, resulting in odd shaped 2-Dimensional cells where cell-cell and cell-matrix communication are complicated, replication rates are lower and overall benefits are minimized.


NASA scientists turned to space as the answer. They discovered that culturing Stem Cells without the influence of earth’s gravity would provide a distinct advantage, allowing:

  • 3-Dimensional formation that closely mimics human physiological conditions
  • Faster replication, generating larger quantity of cells 
  • Rich, more robust cells and media

Experiments were performed on multiple space shuttle and International Space Station missions. To bring the technology back to earth, NASA Astronauts, Scientists and Engineers developed a bio-reactor that duplicates the zero-gravity of space, resulting in more potent stem cells and in larger quantities.

We are proud to include the revolutionary NASA 3D Stem Cells in our MAGA CBD products! 

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CBD-O3 Technology

To create our premium MAGA CBD Tinctures we researched the most ground breaking technologies in the CBD industry.  When we came across CBD-O3 technology we knew that we had to include it our formulations!  This is another premium NASA technology and one of the most advanced methods of purifying and enhancing the natural benefits of CBD available in the world. 

To create CBD-O3 natural hemp oil is infused in our lab with medical grade oxygen and is then passed through a time varying electromagnetic field designed by NASA.  

NASA’s technology of the varying electromagnetic field is then passed through the clarified oil which stimulates and enhances the natural benefits and therapeutic properties.  This results in enhanced bioavailability, absorption and effectiveness of the CBD.

Superior products must have the best technology available and our MAGA CBD is no exception.  Our formulations are designed to create the absolute best products to help with the health and well-being of our consumers in mind, and CBD-O3 is one of our technology cornerstones. 

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*Statements regarding hemp and CBD and benefits within have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent disease.