Here at MAGA CBD we are getting alot of positive feedback and testimonials on our great product. (More on those soon!) We have also received many inquiries on what makes MAGA CBD different. Below we answer some of the most common questions from our customers:

Questions and Answers


Q: Where is MAGA CBD Made and Where is the CBD grown?

A: MAGA CBD is proudly manufactured, cultivated and grown in the USA.

Q: Is MAGA CBD a white-label product?

A: No. Unlike many CBD products that are just generic white-label CBD oil products repackaged, MAGA CBD was specially formulated by our team with a leading product formulator that has worked with national brands across multiple industries. The results were perfected over many months resulting in what we believe is the highest quality and most technologically advanced CBD tincture that has ever been produced.

Q: MAGA CBD talks about NASA technology. What is different about your product?

A: We talked about custom formulation. Think of the Shelby Mustang being designed from the ground up. Our product is quite different from typical CBD. We will cover the technology more in a moment, but the key difference, other than core quality, is the water and oil suspension and its availability to deliver compounds not only soluble in oil but also soluble in water which can aid in your body absorbing more CBD. The medical grade oxygen molecules and the inclusion of plant-based stem cells round out our technology.  The overall goal from start to finish is to maximize the amount of CBD your body can absorb and to help stimulate the body in the best way possible.

Q: So about that technology; It sounds interesting but how does it actually work? 

A: We will start with our CBD-O3 technology.  You have also probably heard of free-radicals right?  Our CBD-O3 molecules have had an extra oxygen atom attached to them which helps to eliminate free radicals and further purifies the compound.  

To create CBD-O3, natural hemp oil is infused in our lab with medical grade oxygen and is then passed through a time varying electromagnetic field designed by NASA. NASA’s technology of the varying electromagnetic field is then passed through the clarified oil which stimulates and enhances the natural benefits and therapeutic properties.  This results in enhanced bioavailability, absorption, and effectiveness of what we have named CBD-O3 (CBD & O3)

Q: .....and what about Three-dimensional plant-based stem cells. What's the benefit?

A: Plant-based stem cells are infused into our formulation for overall wellness benefits. The benefits of plant-based stem cells are well documented and mostly focus on wellness from within.  Short version on the science – The human body is a network of receivers that turn on and off based on their interaction with the compounds they are exposed to.  Just like a lock and key set must match up perfectly to allow a door to open so too does the body work with its internal gateways.  The problem with older stem cell technology is that the shape of the stem cells could only be created in 2D allowing for an imperfect fit into the receivers and limiting the overall effectiveness.  Now with the revolutionary science provided by NASA the stem cells can be created in a weightless environment allowing them to form a full 3D shape. 

Q: What is the difference between lipid infusion and CO2 extraction.

A: Most of the CBD on the market today, if it is even a custom formulation uses CO2 extraction. We feel this is an inferior method of extraction for several reasons. CO2 extraction uses harsh solvents, alcohol and other unnatural substances (so don't be so sure of your CBD). Lipid infusion uses fatty acids to encapsulate compounds and preserve the qualities of the CBD and hemp plant. Lipids have been show to promote cannabinoid absorption increasing bio-availabilty when CBD is taken orally. 

QCan you provide more information on your formulation and manufacturing team?

A: We made sure to vet and partner with our handpicked formulator. Our partner formulation team has shared beauty and wellness advice on more than 1,700 radio stations and on national television, reaching audiences in excess of 16.5 million and countless more via regular contributions to online publications such as Dr. Oz,,, Oprah’s,, and Our head formulator is listed in the “20 To Know” by Global Cosmetics Industry and has developed many of the proprietary ingredients in the top health and beauty brands being used by millions of people around the world.  No corners were cut, we didn’t make decisions about our products based on how cheaply we could make them, and we said from the beginning that the goal for our products was to create the best possible tincture available on the market today.  You are in good hands with MAGA CBD!