CBD O-3 Technology


CBD-O3 Technology

To create our premium MAGA CBD Tinctures we researched the most ground breaking technologies in the CBD industry.  When we came across CBD-O3 technology we knew that we had to include it our formulations!  This is another premium NASA technology and one of the most advanced methods of purifying and enhancing the natural benefits of CBD available in the world. 

To create CBD-O3 natural hemp oil is infused in our lab with medical grade oxygen and is then passed through a time varying electromagnetic field designed by NASA.

NASA’s technology of the varying electromagnetic field is then passed through the clarified oil which stimulates and enhances the natural benefits and therapeutic properties.  This results in enhanced bioavailability, absorption and effectiveness of the CBD-O3. 

Superior products must have the best technology available and our MAGA CBD is no exception. 

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