Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the 113+ compounds found in hemp plants. It’s a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that has the ability to act on cannabinoid receptors that are part of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Plant cannabinoids, also known as phytocannabinoids, bind with this system which helps regulate certain vital functions of the body.

 When the ECS is in sync, the human body is able to achieve what is called homeostasis, which means your body is operating at optimal human performance.


About the CBD that we use:  

One of the most important things in a CBD tincture is of course the CBD that is used.  Here at MAGA CBD we use what is called a Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate that is both grown and processed in the U.S.A.  No foreign material ever makes it into our tinctures.  While Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate is by far the most expensive type of CBD that can be purchased, it was an easy choice to incorporate it into our tinctures.  Here is a summary of the types of CBD to better help understand why at MAGA CBD the choice was easy. 


The Entourage Effect:

Firstly, there is a term that comes up when you talk about CBD’s interaction with the body that needs to be explained.  That term is “Entourage Effect” and it is the reason that so many different strains of cannabis, with different entourage effects, have been cultivated over the years.  Entourage effect theory explains why the different chemical compounds found in hemp extract can have different effects on the body when used together and not isolated.  It is the theory that there is increased benefit from the cannabinoids (the actual compounds themselves) when they are left together and allowed to interact in your body. Some forms of extracting the CBD from the plant remove all of the cannabinoids and completely negate the entourage effect.  From a complete holistic approach it is important to leave all of the cannabinoids together in a product, and that is what we do here at MAGA CBD.


Category 1.  The most expensive CBD extract - Broad Spectrum Distillate:

In this process the CBD and other cannabinoids are extracted from the plant and then distilled to remove all the THC (the psychoactive compound found in Marijuana).  Broad spectrum distillates still contain all the cannabinoids that create the entourage effect; the terpenes, proteins vitamins and minerals that the plant produces naturally.  It is a pure and slightly viscus oil with a light amber color and very little taste.  This is the highest quality of CBD available and the costliest to manufacture.  It can cost up to 10X the amount of a CBD Isolate that many other inferior products contain.  Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate is what you will find in your MAGA CBD.

Category 2.  Full Spectrum Distillate

Similar to the Broad Spectrum Distillate above this is also a full plant extraction that contains the cannabinoids found in the plant.  The biggest difference is that it also contains the psychoactive THC found in marijuana.  While the 2018 Farm Bill stipulated that the percent of THC that could be left in the full spectrum product could not contain more than .3% THC there is the chance that more THC could be left in the extract causing undesirable effects within the body and causing major issues on a sensitive drug screening.  At MAGA CBD we do NOT use full spectrum distillate ever. 


Category 3 – CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate is exactly what it sounds like.  It is the CBD molecules removed from all the terpenes, proteins vitamins and minerals that the plant produces that create the entourage effect.  The only thing left is the CBD in an anhydrous state that is precipitated out into a white powder that is >99% pure CBD with 0% THC.  This is the cheapest form of CBD and what you would commonly find in the gas station drinks and cheaply made tinctures.  At MAGA CBD we never use CBD Isolate. 



*Statements regarding hemp and CBD and benefits within have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent disease.